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British sailor Alex Thomson was forced to slow his 60ft foiling yacht today after he hit a submerged object in the South Atlantic. One of the boat's two foils, which help lift it out of the water to give it more speed, was damaged in the collision with the unidentified object floating beneath the surface.

Thomson was sailing at 24 knots in 22 knots of wind at the head of the Vendee Globe fleet when he heard a bang and his boat Hugo Boss changed direction. Thomson who had been down below trying to get some sleep went up on deck and turned the boat downwind so he could inspect the hull.

He found the starboard foil damaged and also noticed scrapes down the starboard side of the hull.

The incident seems to be managed well by Thomson although leaving the lead of the race to Frenchman Le Cléac´h.

Thomson seems to be heading rapidly back in to the race as he still beholds the second place in the fleet in front of Sebastien Josse.

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