Tiger woods comeback

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Tiger Woods is ready for his comeback and this time there is no doubt about his shape. Tiger Woods is mentally and physically in an amazingly good shape. “I have everything under control. I can get all the hits like I want even on demand”. As told by the Golf icon in an interview with the USA Today.

The fourteen-time winner makes his appearance in the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. It will be his first tournament after his absence. His absence reached almost the 470 days. He did not wanted to but had no choice after 2 back surgeries. He played his last tournament in august 2015

“I was mentally not ready and did not controlled all movements like how I wanted to” Told by Woods. Tiger Woods was planning his comeback in October but cancelled just days before the start of Safeway Open. “it was a very smart move to not get in action yet”. “The golfer in me wanted really badly to play even when I was not ready for it. But I am now” Tiger Woods has been awarded with the PGA Player of the Year astonishing 11 times for he being number one for the greatest total number of weeks of any golfer.

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