Niki Lauda criticized Nico Rosberg

Publisert: (updated )

Nico Rosberg does not understand why the adviser of Mercedes, Niki Lauda is criticizing him about the fact that he recently announced to stop with the F1.”It is the beginning of December and we are missing still one driver, it will be a problem to find a deputy driver” said by Lauda.

Niki Lauda told last week that in his opinion Rosberg did not inform Mercedes early enough about his plans to quite F1.

But The world Champion thinks he handled very well. He wanted to wait till Christmas but instead he announced it last week to give the team of Mercedes the time to find a new driver how will drive in steed of him. “I do not understand why Niki told something like this” commented by the Champion Wednesday in “Die Zeit” “somewhere he must have misunderstood.

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