Dakar Rally 2017, will it be the toughest?

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The Dakar Rally of 2017 will be the toughest edition since the desert race is held in south-America. The 39th edition of the Dakar Rally will start in January the Capital of Paraguayn , Asuncion.

Then the Rally goes further trough Bolivia to the finish in the Argentinian city of Buenos Aires.

Some highlights of the Dakar Rally 2017.

On 2 January, the race will start at sea level in Asuncion, where the temperatures can be 40 degrees or more. A few days later, the participants will reach Altiplano at an altitude of almost 5000 meters. Where the temperatures in the night will reach zero or below. They will stay there a whole week including a day of rest. In total the race will be 9000 Kilometres long divided throughout 12 stages. A very interesting features will be the use of the GPS, it is limited so the participants has to use there Compass to find the route. Participants can be professionals and amateurs the last group is is about 8% of the totals participants of the Dakar Rally.

“We expect a phenomenal party” as told by director Marc Coma. “It will be the toughest edition in history of the South-America rally.”

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